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The Infinity Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

On the fifty-ninth Infinity Podcast — the gang dive into the tangled Disney+ launch, but first: Is The Mandalorian a ballet? What is everyone’s favorite HiXMen? And how is The Simpsons aspect ratio snafu informed by Sonic The Hedgehog? All this and more, on...DISNEY+ PANTS FEELING! Excelsior!


Nov 11, 2019

On the super-sized fifty-eighth Infinity Podcast — the gang rewatch ANT-MAN and tackle some Dawn Of X, but first: how is the MCU like Broadway? Could JOKER yield positive change? And does a famous dead author reframe Scorsese’s New York Times essay? All this and more, on...”BREEDER B-LINE!” Excelsior!


Nov 4, 2019

On the fifty-seventh Infinity Podcast — the gang rewatch Avengers: Age of Ultron, but first: who’s the best Dad in the MCU? Should we be wary of a Spider-Verse sequel? And what puts Patrick on the Wikipedia Corner? All this and more, on...VAMPIRE JUBILEE! Excelsior!




Oct 28, 2019

On the fifty-sixth Infinity Podcast — the gang discuss HBO’s Watchman and Marauders #1, but first: Do we love Don Johnson enough? How’s the gang celebrating Halloween? And what are Scorsese and Coppola really saying when they talk about Marvel movies? All this and more, on...REED DICKARDS! Excelsior!


Oct 21, 2019

On the fifth-fifth Infinity Podcast — the gang rewatch Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, but first: Will Bill Pope’s hiring even matter? What celeb did Patrick once interview with? And how on Earth is Dave Bautista like Danny Pudi? All this and more, on...DOES DADDY HAVE DADDY ISSUES! Excelsior!