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The Infinity Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

On the twenty-eighth Infinity Podcast, the Gang finishes their Thor: The Dark World rewatch, but first: how would Patrick fix Thor The Dark World? Did Scott attend clown class? And which Friday Night Lights star should join the MCU? All this and more, on...A CUP OF HOT GOSS! Excelsior!



Apr 15, 2019

On the twenty-seventh Infinity Podcast — the gang tries to finish its Captain Marvel and Avengers rewatch coverage, but first: what’s up with these Disney+ titles? Has Rachel seen Free Solo? And why doesn’t Thor: The Dark World soar? All this and an Aaron Taylor Johnson deep dive, on...BEAUTY AND THE BEEP! (PART...

Apr 8, 2019

On the twenty-sixth Infinity Podcast — the gang attempt to finish their Avengers and Captain Marvel coverage, but first: how has the MCU failed Hawkeye? Is the new Joker movie dangerous? And how does Rachel blow everybody’s mind? All this and more, on...BANGERS & MASH: ORIGINS! Excelsior!

Apr 1, 2019

On the twenty-Fifth INFINITY PODCAST — the gang react to Angelina Jolie joining the MCU, but first: who would Rachel play in the musical Cats? Does Peter Parker like the Ramones? And are Marvel movies ever going to get weirder? All this and a #ScottTake on...GOING FERAL! Excelsior!

Mar 25, 2019

On the twenty fourth Infinity Podcast — the gang begins their Avengers rewatch, but first: does Rachel know the words to “Live To Rise?" Is there a guest in-studio?! And how on Earth is Peter Sarsgaard at all like Michael Jordan? Plus a Scott take so fiery it almost breaks the show on...THE AVENGERS, PART ONE: GIF...